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The air filter was a little dirty. On the plus side, the clematis are doing well.

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Are you using Mastodon through a computer?

Do you wish there was a multi-column TweetDeck-style interface?

There is! It's called the "advanced web interface" and you can activate it any time you want. It lets you add many specialised columns, subscribe to hashtags and all kinds of stuff suited to large wide displays.

Log into the website, go to Preferences > Enable Advanced Web Interface, tick the box and click "Save Changes".

(To restore the default single column interface, do the same thing but untick the box instead.)

This used to be the default interface on Mastodon, and very old articles about the platform will have screenshots of the multicolumn interface.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #TweetDeck #FediTips #Interface

Besides Charter being down for about 2 hours, it was a pretty productive day. NextCloud is pretty much configured, I was able to bridge Signal on Matrix and an old buddy signed up on the Mastodon instance. Now that the tools-not-toys are hooked up, I need to get back to the stLouIST site.

I think I hooked up too many things to my instance. Waiting for it to come back after a hard restart.

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I would like to personally assure that FAR more than 5 percent of Twitter accounts are spam or fake.


Twitter deal temporarily on hold pending details supporting calculation that spam/fake accounts do indeed represent less than 5% of users

Updgrading the instance on Digital Ocean. Ruby environments weren't on my wishlist for my first droplet, but here we are.

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Occasionally logging back onto twitter to block people then logging back off

The best thing from the pandemic was discovering Tico and Frank. Happy Tuesday, everyone.

I had one of these when I lived in Phoenix. It only had a 134ci in it, but it would climb trees.

First real mow of the season. Yard needs a lot of work this Summer. Maybe we'll see you here this year.

(Sending this directly from photos, wondering if it send a smaller version.)

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Could advanced alien species rearrange the planets in their systems to leave a lasting message of their existence?!?

...yeah, actually...

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